Help identify German 2m stamp with quatrefoil watermark

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Help identify German 2m stamp with quatrefoil watermark

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Re: German 2m stamp with quatrefoil watermark

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And your actual QUESTION is????

No-one here has a Crystal Ball to read your mind -



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Re: Help identify German 2m stamp with quatrefoil watermark

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This 2 M Germania stamp was issued in the year 1920.
Sorry to say - but in this condition with two missing corners it should be in the bin!
Papua New Guinea stamps and postal history:
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Re: Help identify German 2m stamp with quatrefoil watermark

Post by johnrcrow »

Hi Kmi.

I am confused as you show the 2M first then show the 1¼ M along with backs showing with the quatrefoils Watermark?

I am assuming that you are showing the 2M along side the 1¼??

Anyway here is a breakdown from Michel to ´help`.

First define the stamps in question.

Mi.151 is 1¼ M.

We have interestingly a shade difference in Michel.

Mi.151a. orange red to dark rose/dark carmine-lilac (shades) NHM € 0.7,HM €0.2, used €2.0
Mi. 151b.carmine red/dark carmine lilac NHM € 400.0,HM €60.0, used €280.0

Worth looking out for.

The 2M is Mi.152 dark lilac red (shades)/grey ultramarine to Prussian blue.

The rarities have a Quatrefoils watermark as used for official stamps.

Mi.151 In good condition used the CV is €1300.
Mi.152 In good condition used the CV is €30,000!

Your example, if it has the Quatrefoils watermark, is in very poor condition, but indeed is a very scarce rarity .

Value of €30,000 very much downgraded, but all the same interesting. Possible 1% of CV?

Michel table.

A look at your stamp and some of mine.
mock up qu f.png


Care must must be taken in interpreting the watermark.

Although top left of image has what seem to be a lump, the other one highlighted has no lump.

I would assess this as a watermark (Lozenge- WM 1), see watermark below for Quatrefoils!


Mi.151 is water sensitive!

Out of interest (only to me maybe) here is batch of Mi.151 where I am trying to assess shades.

Michel 151 plus some Mi.192 lot.

one and a quarter front copy.png

Michel 151 plus some 192 lot enhanced (saturation 90, contrast 20 and brightness 55).
one and a quarter front 55, 20, 90.jpeg

Only one stands out as different (red boxed).

The Mi. 192 are all supposedly like Mi 152a.

Here is a selected lot comparing to highlighted stamp.
enlarged shade.png
It is not often one gets to highlight breastplates!

Conclusion a possible Mi.151b though, I am not convinced about the orange in borders (carmine-red?).

See what your post has created.

A scanner would be useful to you, though the watermarks on the are very variable in cooperation.

When adding images always place them ´in line` after adding files to the window.


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