Old Serbian Stamps

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Bruce From Auckland
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Old Serbian Stamps

Post by Bruce From Auckland »

I'm asking this question on behalf of someone else. They have some pre 1920 mint Serbian stamps but they are stuck together. Before I suggest to him to just soak them apart and have "Mint no gum" stamps I wanted to make sure that soaking these stamps will not destroy them completely. I know some early stamps from some other countries are not compatible to being soaked off. Just wanting to check before suggesting the soaking method.

Unless someone has any better idea to separate stuck mint stamps.

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I was online for Post Number 7 MILLION!
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Re: Old Serbian Stamps

Post by Waffle »

Silly question Bruce. If they are stuck together or are destroyed by soaking apart, which seems unlikely, what is the difference, one way or another, they are useless?
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Re: Old Serbian Stamps

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