Corinphila - Marittime Postal History…

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Corinphila - Marittime Postal History…

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Corinphila - Marittime Postal History…

The Swiss auction house "Corinphila Auktionen AG" has published a brochure regarding the special sale scheduled for June 2021, and called:

South America - Maritime Postal History 1606 – 1886
The Everaldo Santos (FRPSL) Collection

This important collection illustrates the postal activity of various shipping lines to and from the South American continent, including all aspects of maritime postal history.
Exotic routes, unusual fares, registered letters, special postal services, rare issues, mixed postage and unique events for each for these shipping routes.

The collection includes countries from the Pacific and North Atlantic coasts of South America, for sale:

- Brazil and Incoming Mail
- La Plata Estuary
- Colombia
- Venezuela
- British and French Guiana
- Trinidad
- Chile and Incoming Mail
- Bolivia
- Ecuador
- Peru and Incoming Mail

Multicolored envelopes with famous "pedigree", coming from several important collections, belonging to world-famous collectors.

Interested collectors will be able to find different rarities from all thirteen South American nations involved.
I remember that this collection has been exhibited in the most important international philatelic events, such as: New York World Stamp Show (2016), Taiwan (2016), Bandung (2017), Israel (2018), Prague (2018) and Stockholmia (2019). Where the “Everaldo Santos” collection received six “Large Gold Medals”.

Further information on the sale can be found soon on the website of the same Corinphila company.

Surely, as per standard for this auction house, a luxurious auction catalog is expected to be kept well preserved in own philatelic library..



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