Jon E. Bischel Collection of "Civil War Patriotics Covers" …

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Jon E. Bischel Collection of "Civil War Patriotics Covers" …

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Jon E. Bischel Collection of "Civil War Patriotics Covers" …

"Surfing" the net I found this past American auction sale catalog, it concerns the specialized collection called:
Professor Jon E. Bischel Collection of "Civil War Patriotics Covers Postally Used". Auction # 27 “Nutmeg”, June 21-June 23 & July 19, 2000 Danbury, Connecticut.

Personally I consider this sale of patriotic envelopes, used during the American Civil War, an interesting chapter of what is the postal history of this country. About 5800 different subjects are mentioned, considered one of the largest and most complete collections of envelopes depicting caricatures.

From the preface to the auction catalog:

… 300 Campaign Covers, over 700 different Regimental and Army Corps Covers, nearly 100 Advertising Patriotic’s, and some 650 different Caricatures, many of which are the Only Recorded Example postaly used. The collection also contains 600 plus beautiful and rare Magnus and Magnus type designs, as well as the largest holding of had drawn patriotic designs ever seen. The collection includes: Fancy cancellations, Railroad and Steamboat cancels, Carrier usages, Auxiliary Markings, Transatlantic usages and usages from Shanghai China, Santiago Chile and Panama. The Bischel collection also contains the most extensive assemblage of Western Patriotics …

A collection that is difficult to interpret for general collectors, but we must certainly acknowledge Professor Bischel for the commitment and time spent to form this perhaps unique collection.

Friendliness !

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