Phoenix Auctions - Auction No.88 - 26th and 27th August - commencing at 10:00am

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Phoenix Auctions - Auction No.88 - 26th and 27th August - commencing at 10:00am

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Phoenix Auctions - Auction No.88
Phoenix Auctions - Auction No.88
Welcome to our 8th Auction for 2021. This is being held over two days, Thursday 26th August & Friday 27th August.

Auction 88 will be live on the net via our own auction systems. Just login as usual and then open the Live Bidding window. This will then give you the ability to bid on each lot just as if you were in the room.

COVID19 restrictions appear to be ongoing, please make an appointment if you are coming in for any reason. We will use our normal emails to keep you updated with any changes.

Session 1 (lots 1-438) starts at 10:00am on Thursday and commences with Kangaroos and finishes with KGV Heads. This section features a wide range of shades, monograms, imprints and varieties, with a good mix of single items and group lots. There are two £2 imprint pairs and a 3rd wmk £2 MUH as well as several better 1d red shades.

Session 2 (lots 439-918) starts no earlier than 1:00pm on Thursday, and contains the rest of the Australian Commonwealth period followed by Australian Colonies up to New South Wales. Varieties, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Postmarks, ACT Registration Labels, Postage etc are included in this session. A comprehensive selection of Customs stamps is on offer with a number of very rare items. Postmark collectors will be pleased to see another fine array of Hugh Freeman’s NSW Numeral rarities.

Session 3 (lots 919-1270) starts at 10:00am on Friday. This session begins with Queensland and finishes with the Australian Territories. Queensland collectors will find a good selection of mss RO cancels and Victorian BN collectors will be very pleased to see another fine range from Hugh Freeman’s fabulous collection.

Session 4 (lots 1271-1834) starts no earlier than 12 noon on Friday. It begins with our general collections, Ephemera, PPCs, Literature, Coins, etc and continues with nearly 350 Rest of The World. As always there is a good range of British Commonwealth varieties.

At this stage we do not know how limited viewing and room bidding will be due to the ever-changing COVID19 restrictions. Please make an appointment if you are coming in for any reason, as that will help us manage the numbers in the building at any one time.

We have limited our staff on both auction days, to allow for more room bidders, so please avoid calling then, as we may not be able to answer you promptly. While we have also organised ourselves to cater for more phone bidders, we do encourage everyone to use our website as much as possible as that will provide you with the best information about each lot and your bids.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

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