Feb 17 - Free Webinar USA Embossed Stamp Revenue Paper: Roger Brody

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Feb 17 - Free Webinar USA Embossed Stamp Revenue Paper: Roger Brody

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How could such a little thing cause such a big commotion – like the American Revolution?

Most Americans think of the Stamp Act of 1765, as the beginning of England’s taxation of her American colonies. The Act did introduce taxation on domestic colonial transactions, though it was not the first tax on the colonies, nor the last, that eventually led to the war for independence.

Embossed stamps evidenced the payment of taxes and fees on a wide variety of government, judicial and commercial documents as well as duties on the importation of merchandise, and licenses for the distillation of alcohol and the retail sale of alcohol and other merchandise,

From the introduction of embossing tax dies in England in 1694. they were called “stamps.” One hundred and fifty years later when postage and revenue adhesives, were introduced, they also adopted the name “stamps.” It may be argued that adhesives were not ”stamped” on letters, and what most people now call “stamps” are not really stamps at all

Roger Brody will discuss the origins of embossed revenue stamps and their use through America’s Colonial period prior to the establishment of the U.S. Constitutional government.

Join the Collectors Club on Wednesday, February 17th at 5:30 (NY Time) for Roger Brody’s presentation of America's Embossed Stamp Revenue Paper.

About Roger Brody

Roger S. Brody is a well-known specialist, exhibitor, author and lecturer in early twentieth-century U.S. stamp production and postal history. Additional studies and exhibits include U.S. Embossed Stamped Revenue Paper, and the production and postal history of post-WW II US definitive issues, specifically the Prominent Americans and Great Americans series.

Roger is active in organized philately as well. He is an elected governor, treasurer, and past president of The Collectors Club. He is Board Chairman of the United States Stamp Society, serving since 1990, and a past member of the Smithsonian Institution’s Council of Philatelists.

Appointed to the Board of Trustees of the American Philatelic Research Library in 2005, he is currently APRL Past-President. A recipient of The Collectors Club’s Alfred F. Lichtenstein Award, and the APS John N Luff Award for Research.

Roger is a member of the Westfield, NJ Stamp Club, The Jockey Hollow Stamp Club, a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London, and a signer of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.

Register Here or on the Collectors Club Website:

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Re: Feb 17 - Free Webinar America's Embossed Stamp Revenue Paper with Roger BrodyHow could such a little thing cause suc

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