Appeal to Collectors of United Nations Field Post & Peacekeeping Mail (and other multilateral operations)

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Appeal to Collectors of United Nations Field Post & Peacekeeping Mail (and other multilateral operations)

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From 2000 to 2011 a small but active society of UN philatelists existed: it brought together collectors of UN military mail, UN field post and UN peacekeeping covers, but also welcomed those interested in the postal history of other modern multilateral peace-building or peace enforcement campaigns such as NATO operations in the former Yugoslavia. This group developed as a spin-off from general United Nations collectors and from traditional field post philatelists who focus on WW1, WW2 and national military campaigns. Most society members did not collect the latter, but many took a broader interest in UN stamps and UN postal history in general, including UN political missions and UN offices worldwide.

Sadly, the society’s activities have been dormant since 2011 after the death of two leading board members in 2009 and 2011, respectively. The society, called ARGE UN/NATO-Feldpost, was registered in Austria. I am attempting to bring back together philatelists still interested in this topic and take them into the e-mail age. Through e-mail collectors can exchange information in a decentralized, low-threshold, unmoderated, quick, informal and low-cost manner.

Networking is vital because collecting modern field post and international mission covers is getting increasingly challenging. While the market is saturated with material from the 1960s to 1990s, covers from the past twenty years are almost impossible to find because electronic correspondence has largely replaced letter-writing.

If you are interested in linking up with like-minded collectors, please send me your name and e-mail address by private message. By doing this you agree to disclose you e-mail address to other members of the group and to receive e-mails from anyone in the group. You are also permitted to contact the members of the group, either individually or collectively. I am still gathering addresses; the first welcome e-mail to all will go out in a few weeks. There will be no formal membership, no cost, no board and no paperwork.

Beyond bringing people together and sending the first e-mail to the entire group I will not manage anything or make any promises. I cannot foresee how active the exchange of information will be. I predict that most communication will be in German, but will encourage members who are bilingual to post in both German and English. All languages are allowed and I encourage all participants to use online translation software to make foreign texts intelligible.

Many thanks to Stampboards for making this announcement possible in its Club Space section!

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