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How many Aust "State" Taxes/Fees/Revenue stamps are there?

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 12:18
by alltorque

Just having a discussion over a beer or two about our prolific state "charges" when the subject got to which state in Australia charges the "most" .

Going back over the years there seems to be no end to "state taxes" that were introduced for various reasons.

Any idea how many or which state has/had the most....

I seem to think,going from my Revenue collection that Queensland wins hands down but I could be wrong :shock:

Seems most of the "gurus" of this forum live in Qld.(plenty of stock) any opinions.......

just a few -

unemployment relief (several)
buffalo fly
fruits etc....

then ....

Impressed Duty etc.

Cheers, Ian...
Queensland Impressed Duty - Stamp Duty stamps range.

Australian State Revenues

Posted: 23 Feb 2008 12:39
by doug2222usa
It would not take long to count up the varieties in a recent Barefoot & Hall [Commonwealth] revenue catalog. States' coverage is pretty good, and knowing the material (and rarities) can enable you to make some really great finds, even on ebay.

Posted: 24 Feb 2008 06:12
by ozstamps
You need to buy a catalogue. 8) 8) 8)


Posted: 26 Feb 2008 00:14
by alltorque
Glenn,I have a 2005 copy.(great material) but it does not list any of the Qld, fruit fees, unemployment etc....only stamp duty
Does the 2007 list these??

Posted: 26 Feb 2008 06:59
by doug2222usa
Just as a starter, here are the totals of different stamps, by type, in my 1986 Barefoot & Hall:

Adhesive Duty - 96
Advertising Levy - 1
Banana Duty - 8
Bean Levy - 5
Beer - 98
Buffalo Fly - 25
Citrus Levy - 2 (?)
Development Tax - 1
Impressed Duty - 313
Pineapple Levy - 1
Producers Association - 2
Stamp Duty - 60
Stanthorpe Fruit & Vegetable Levy - 7
State Development - 2
Swine Sales - 7
Tax Instalment - 28
Tomato Levy - 8
Unemployment Insurance - 30+++++
Unemployment Relief Tax - 15
Vegetable Levy - 7

Quite an imposing list. The "Unemployment Insurance" totals are very much in question because each stamp has many "year" control marks, not unlike our US Documentary "Reds" which have a zillion varieties. And remember, this is only through 1985.

Also, as stated previously, this list only took a few minutes to compile, just as easy for the other States.

Posted: 27 Feb 2008 23:58
by alltorque
Thanks Doug, quite a lot of issues for one state....
Seems I might be correct in Qld issuing the most "fees" australia....

Re: how many "state" tax's/fee's/revenues are there?

Posted: 26 May 2020 12:32
by mobbor
I've got all sorts of things in my horde that I know nothing about. I've certainly never heard of adhesive duty.


I would appreciate it if someone can enlighten me.

Re: How many Aust "State" Taxes/Fees/Revenue stamps are ther

Posted: 26 May 2020 12:48
by Ubobo.R.O.
Called Stamp Duty 1866-1918 and then Adhesive Duty 1918-1988.

Re: How many Aust "State" Taxes/Fees/Revenue stamps are ther

Posted: 26 May 2020 12:54
by Global Administrator
Queenslanders were never very bright. (Pauline Hansen and Clive Palmer as current examples!) :lol: :lol: :lol:

I do not think it was a tax on adhesives or glues etc, but a dopily worded Revenue stamp, that probably was meant to helpfully indicate to the savvy users up there, that the stamps had gum on the back. A Modern Miracle it appears they felt. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Pretty series - lots of face values, and most very affordable.

Re: How many Aust "State" Taxes/Fees/Revenue stamps are ther

Posted: 26 May 2020 18:58
by mobbor
Thanks Glen,

I agree: they are attractive.

Shame that Ubobo is a Queenslander! :lol:

Re: How many Aust "State" Taxes/Fees/Revenue stamps are ther

Posted: 26 May 2020 19:05
by Ubobo.R.O.
Who gives sensible answers to questions. :)

Re: How many Aust "State" Taxes/Fees/Revenue stamps are ther

Posted: 26 May 2020 20:04
by Global Administrator
mobbor wrote:
Shame that Ubobo is a Queenslander! :lol:
He can't help it. :D

Re: How many Aust "State" Taxes/Fees/Revenue stamps are ther

Posted: 27 May 2020 17:19
by David Smitham
I suggest that you try looking up Dave Elsmore's on line catalogue listings of Australian revenues. His site is priced, and includes States revenues and railway stamps also.