Cape revenues perfins and punctures

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Cape revenues perfins and punctures

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Does anyone have some background info on revenue perforations on Cape King Edward VII stamps?
I have attached two types of perforations / punctures

1) Star punctured stamps.
2) CANCELLED perforation across multiple stamps

For 1) apparently these punctures were done after the stamps were affixed to the documents.
This because the document itself was also punctured.
I think this was to obliterate the revenue stamps to prevent future use...
Up to now I have only seen Transvaal stamps with punctured star.
See also the attached document piece.

For 2) it is not clear to me when and why this "CANCELLED" perforation was applied.
Perhaps in the same way was 1), after they were applied on a document?
I have not seen documents with punctured "CANCELLED".
The size and type of perforation is the same as the double triangle official perforation of the Cape of Good Hope stamps.
I have found it used on Transvaal stamps and on Orange River Colony.....

So if anyone can elaborate on 1) or 2), this would be great.

Kind regards,

1) Punctured STAR
1) Punctured STAR
2) CANCELLED perforation
2) CANCELLED perforation

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