**RULES** for this Sales Forum. Please *READ* them up front!

Please list anything spare you have for sale. It MUST have a scan/s and a FIXED price. You MUST have at least 20 posts and 20 days membership on this board to list an item for sale, or your listing **will** be removed.

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**RULES** for this Sales Forum. Please *READ* them up front!

Post by admin »

Many members asked for such a forum to SELL your surplus stamps - so here it is. :D

Some simple ground rules follow. Please *READ* them!

All members can readily add huge images here direct from their phone or laptop or tablet etc, thus avoiding all these photo hosting outfits listed below.

Very SIMPLE tutorial at base of this post of how to load thoseimages HERE - http://tinyurl.com/ImagesSB

These are ADDITIONAL to the general 'Rules' that also apply to every post on this board - those are here -

1. Any member of stampboards.com who has at least 30 posts and has been registered as a member here for at least 30 days may post NEW threads here offering stamps/coins/banknotes for SALE at member friendly prices - the "30/30" rule. ALL Registered members of any post count however may RESPOND to offers of goods for sale. MINIMUM asking price is $A10 level - see Rule 18.

Sellers are MOST wise to list their email or PayPal address for queries to be made to them, as many readers of the Forum are not yet Registered members, or "lurkers" or have issues with board emails etc. Fail to do this, and Admin can't help after the event, we are not baby sitters! Disguise it as [at] etc, or spammers will possibly harvest it. The buyer must however post "Sold" here, so they'll need to sign up to secure any lot.

If you are new here, wander around the other forums. DO say 'Hi' on the "Roll Call" Forum as you were asked, and let the members see a little more of you, and know who you are. Get a 'feel' of how we do things here. We are a friendly and helpful COMMUNITY. It is a 2 way street here. Ask a few questions about stamps, add a few comments of your own to other member's questions, and in turn you earn some rights - such as the right to offer stamps for sale. Remember - participating in these Forums is a privilege - not a right. :idea:

2. All items offered for sale must have clear PHOTO(s) posted clearly showing exactly what you are selling. See above on how to do that. (The obvious exceptions to adding photos would be things clearly absurd or pointless to photograph, like 3 cartons of old magazines etc, or a huge box of kiloware etc). No "mystery packets for $50" or "500 Denmark off-paper for $25" unless the ACTUAL stamps offered in every instance are shown in photo. The MORE photos you load the better of course, SAVVY sellers realise photos sell stamps and for THIS forum (alone) up to 20 or 30 scans can be listed in post #1 for collections etc - for Forums elsewhere here, 5 or 6 images per post is the most we like to see in each post. Savvy sellers disguise their email address in listings (using [at] and not [at] to dodge email harvesting) such as jimmy [at] hotmail.com etc, as not all new members understand how to use board email. :idea:

For items or sets priced over $A200 offered here, we make the common sense request that the reverses of stamps are shown, at the same size as the facial shot. Often hinges, creases, toning and other such areas can then be seen, allowing members to make a fully informed purchase on pricier material. This Forum is ideally a way to get rid of some surplus items, at member friendly prices. Remember there are NO fees whatever to you, so please pass that reality on to your fellow Stampboarders, via a rock bottom asking price. READ Rule 16 please. Price Dreamers belong on ebay, NOT here!

3. All items offered MUST have a have a clear asking price - ideally in the THREAD HEADING. No "Best Offers" type wording. Remember our readers are global, so "$50" is not going to work, and will confuse all others - you need to type "$A50", "$US50", "$C50" or "$NZ50" or any other currency you seek etc. And you should outline some idea of shipping costs for small lots, and be PRECISE about whether post is extra. If your offer price includes free postage - do SAY SO CLEARLY - "$US40 postpaid globally" etc, and you will make more sales that way. The more detailed the description of your offering, the faster your item will sell. We do not charge by the word here! It is also basic common sense of course.

Parcel costs do vary a lot depending on where sent, so contact seller direct by email FIRST if you are unsure, or are overseas etc. Buying a heavy carton lot might cost you much more to mail than the stamps cost! We EXPECT all stampboards sellers to use THOUGHTFUL STAMPS when mailing - not lazy meters, "Horizon" or other labels, or pre-paid bags/envelopes etc. STATE up front if you do NOT do so - charging a member $30 post etc, and using a worthless meter/label/bag is NOT on here. Offer Free Shipping if you are that lazy! :) No "best offer" posts allowed - just state your lowest price up front. You can reduce it after 7 days if you wish - see Rule 10. We do not care whether either of the above is $A10 or $A1,000 - that is up to you.

You and the buyer pay ZERO fees here - the ONLY place on the web globally to offer that. So we expect offers here to reflect that large 10% saving over ebay etc, to be passed ONTO fellow board members via lower asking prices. List things here at excessive or "dreamer" asking prices, and you WILL hear about it. (See Rules 7 & 16!)

How you want to be paid is also up to the both of you to sort out - but all sellers MUST spell out up-front the payment method they prefer and accept. LOTS of board members are overseas, so taking PayPal (for instance) always ensures a faster sale. If you do, add the PayPal email address to use in EACH offer - disguised of course using [at], to get paid faster. Conversely if you only take bank transfer, say so - however, most overseas members cannot pay you easily or affordably etc, and you will likely lose those sale. :idea:

4. If you want to give something away FREE to other members - thanks for sharing with fellow stampboarders. You do all that on THIS separate forum please - http://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7741

5. THIS Sales forum (alone) is NOT the place for chit chat and chirpy discussion. That clogs it up, and "bumps" threads needlessly, and annoys everyone. You WILL hear from Moderators if you transgress this Rule. Post "Sold To Me" or similar wording if you want to BUY the item. Please don't get sidetracked with dreamy - "My Golly Gosh, that looks pretty!" or "Never seen those before" or "What is the cancel on stamp 5 - can you add a 20 x scan?" or "If I pay in Russian Roubles, do I get a discount?" or "What is shipping cost unregistered sea post to Greenland?" or "can you waste 15 mins and scan the reverses please?" or "Is that a toned perf at top, or just lint on scanner?" or "Can I buy just the 3rd stamp on the 4th row?" or "I might possibly, maybe, buy this next month" or "Can I offer you $100 for that $200 stamp you have here?" etc. Do all of that by private email to the seller if you wish - it is generally of ZERO interest to other members, and it really annoys Moderators. :idea:

6. Stampboards is not the seller - we are simply a neutral venue to hopefully match up buyers and sellers. We are like the notice board at a shopping centre, selling old lawn mowers or baby strollers or used appliances. A conduit only. We make nothing from this - we offer this forum as a FREE service only for members. Buyer and seller to contact each other DIRECT and conduct their own due diligence re sellers at all times, and all discussion re payment or delivery etc is between you two.

In view of the above, we are not offering ANY warranty of guarantee whatever, as we do not have clue about any goods offered. Ask the seller all the questions you want off line. If the seller is Harish Kumarandangan from Bangladesh who wants $100 "cash only" for a 5/- Bridge, use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true - it most probably is! If we hear of any member ripping off others, that member will be suspended and "outed" here publicly, and listed on our "shame" thread above. But if you have become a victim by rushing a "great" deal by new member, well - c'est la vie. Ebay is the perfect place for you, as that happens on a mass scale lately. :twisted:

7. This venue is for SPECIFIC offers only to fellow members of stampboards, other than current catalogues, accessories, software etc, where duplicate copies are possible. Offer things at silly high prices, and rule 16 below WILL be invoked. Overpriced, or mis-described junk is *not* what we offer on THIS site. ebay is your place for that! Breach this guideline too often, and you will be barred from listing up material. We will NOT allow anyone to post a long list of 20 auction lots they currently are offering on ebay or trademe or Delcampe etc. Moderators will remove all such posts with no notice.

Do NOT offer anything here you only have one of, but then also list it elsewhere. Too often members have done that, and then waste Moderator time asking for it to be locked and moved a day or 2 later. Moderators are volunteers, and are busy folks, and we charge you zero fees. It is therefore ASSUMED anything you offer here will generally be available for purchase for at least 30 days to members - exclusively. If you are not happy with that - do not list the item up. Do this too often, and you may find yourself "masked" from this forum. Or banned from this site. Fair warning. :idea:

Please, if after the minimum 30 day period, you decide to offer the item elsewhere so it is no longer exclusive to Stampboards members, or you simply want to withdraw the item, email Admin with the actual link, or (far less preferred) make a post to your sales thread to that effect and a Moderator will remove it to the archive "sold lots" forum. The idea is to keep the Forum populated by only those items which remain available exclusively to Stampboards members. Your co-operation will help achieve that, and at the same time reduce the load on the Moderators.

8(A) If you see something you like, please quickly type "SOLD TO ME" or wording very similar on the thread. Then all other members will KNOW it is already sold. Many collection type lots, bulky lots, and popular material lots sell very fast around here, (often within minutes of being posted) and this is the only fair and equitable system. Posting vague dreamy things like - "Nice Lot!" or "thinking about this" or "have emailed you a question" or "what is Express Reg'd Post to Ubangaland on this lot?" or "can you spend/waste 30 more minutes of your time, and do me 20 more scans please" etc, etc, is NOT a sale, and usually just wastes everyone's time, and confuses others, and clogs the Forum. Likewise for off-topic posts, and general observations on the lot. (See Rule 5 above.) DON'T do it!

8(B) Just because you post here, or email the seller to say you "probably" want it, or "might" like to buy it, it will not assist your cause if someone else posts on thread THEY will buy it, before you do so. The Moderators will direct it be sold to the first member who posted they WILL buy it. When a post for a firm sale is made from a member indicating they are buying the lot, a Moderator will "lock" the thread, and move it it to the "Sold Lots" Archive, to keep the "For Sale" forum FRESH, with only current lots for sale there. Threads moved there are visible to all members for reference of course, and members can email each other.

8(C) If you post "sold to me" and do not make payment, or make any payment contact with the selling member within 12 hours of posting here that you are the buyer, the seller may re-offer it, or remove it from sale. And "out" the non payer, as a prudent and permanent warning to others. Posts to buy lots that are not paid for in some way within 24 hours is disruptive, and annoying to all. Such members may incur a suspension, and/or an access block to this forum, at the discretion of Admin and moderators, to protect other members from wasting their time. Serious offenders re non payment will and are named in the Forum, via a special "sticky" thread here. The same rule and penalty applies to those who offer goods here, and do not deliver after being paid, when goods are ordered.

9. In GENERAL we will leave threads here until the seller advises us otherwise. A little like that notice board at the newsagent that over a while gets new offers thumb tacked over it, and vanishes under the new offers - yet the original item is very likely still be for sale. There are very many pages of offers - look around - you never know! Lots that are advised as sold are removed by Moderators to the "Sold Lots" Forum for storage and reference, and to keep this Forum "fresh", but you can of course still view them all. However by all means bump up any thread still here with "SOLD" if the lot appeals, and you want to buy it - it is very likely still for sale. If you are a seller, and an old lot is no longer for sale, email the LINK(S) to it to admin [at] stampboards.com and ask for it to be removed, or (a far less preferred option) make a post saying "No longer available" and it will be moved to the "Sold Lots" forum.

10. If you list something for $50 on July 1 and notice it has had no interest by July 8, you of course are quite free to make a further post saying you have reduced the asking price by AT LEAST 10% to something lower, like $35 or $40, AND/OR you can add scans of useful extra stamps/covers you are adding into the original lot. That also "bumps" up your thread to the top of the page. Every collector LOVES a bargain ... or a perceived bargain! Do NOT start a new thread for the same item - simply 'bump' the existing one. Do not "bump" items with no price reduction or extras added into the deal, or mods will delete the bump post with no notice.

HOWEVER .. do NOT "bump" threads more than about once each 7 days as that just clogs up the new listings. Bumping within 7 days will motivate a Moderator to delete your bump post, and you are right back where you started. Only 3 consecutive "bumps" for the same item is allowed - it shows there is no interest in the item. Bumping too often, or reducing your price too often, will taint that member with a whiff of desperation in the eyes of many, and your initial offers might quickly be perceived to always be pitched too high, and savvy regular members will learn to wait you out for a discount. Be patient - if the material is well priced, it WILL sell. Eventually. The more attractive priced your initial listing is, the faster it will sell - remember that always. This is NOT ebay, where dreamers roam the earth, and have no idea of real market prices. 8) :arrow:

11. Is there a MAXIMUM number of lots that be posted or bumped by normal members? Yes. Please post or bump no more than 4 sales threads in any 24 hour period. There is also a total limit of 10 new threads or bumps in any 7 day period for regular members. We have these limits so that all members will have a fair chance to sell their material, and a wide mix is hence always offered. Stampboards is not eBay. We never intended it to be a mass retail outlet, or a free eBay store for collectors. It is ideally a way to get rid of some surplus items, at member friendly prices. Remember there are NO fees whatever to you, so please pass that reality on to your fellow Stampboarders, via a rock bottom asking price.

12. To participate in this forum you **MUST** have your main working email address enabled via our software, and "replies turned on" Unless you have this done, no-one can contact you direct, and you will not receive replies to your ad. To do this go to your "USER CONTROL PANEL" tab at top right of each page.

13. Further to point 12 and even MORE important, you **MUST** tick this box when making your post here - "Notify me when a reply is posted" - otherwise you will not know when a question is being asked of you, re the material etc.

14. Stampboards Members are often busy folks. Be SAVVY in your thread headings to save them time - and hopefully get YOU a sale. Typing "Tonga" as a thread heading means nothing much to anyone. However "Tonga 1953 Definitives set 14, fine used - $A15" may well get a fast response. Likewise short lazy headings like "Australia #135 used $20" will mean 90% of readers cannot be bothered looking up the item, and you are unlikely to get any takers. No-one remembers in their head what catalogue numbers they are missing. Words cost NOTHING here and, "1932 Kangaroo 5/- Black and Yellow Fine used $A20" will likely create a sale. 8)

15. Please do not be openly critical of other member's asking prices on the thread. If someone new lists a used 1913 1d Kangaroo at $10, all other members know it will not sell. It simply will vanish down the page with no responses, and that member might get the message it really was over-priced. Also do NOT make "counter offers" on threads. If something is priced at $50, and you want to offer $40 - do so by board email to the seller. Members must NOT post comments re your thoughts on value etc, of any lot. Email the member direct if you wish. You can also of course hit the red "Report Post" button if you see something listed that seems excessively priced. The Moderator Team will then take a look. :idea:

16. Board owner Glen Stephens is a very experienced dealer. If he is made aware of offers from members of material that appears to him to be excessively priced, with no chance of selling to any informed buyer, he may contact that member to pass on that opinion, or post on the thread, and/or delete or lock the listings etc. To that end he or other Moderators reserve the sole right to add comment on any item's price, if they ever see fit. All other members please read Rule 15. A stampboards listing is a way to get rid of some surplus items, at member friendly prices. Remember there are ZERO fees whatever to you here, so please pass that reality on to your fellow Stampboarders, via a rock bottom asking price. Think of it like your local stamp club 'sale by tender' etc. If you'd happily accept $30 at your local club (with 10 members present on the night!) you'll get $27 nett *IF* it sells - and it probably will not sell anyway. So offer it here for $25 or less, to a global audience, is our recommended pricing. Unlike the vast army of ebay crooks endlessly claiming "non receipt", meaning you get a full PayPal strike against you, and you lose the lot, you are dealing here with HONEST buyers, and collectors you know. :idea:

17. Material that is determined by Glen Stephens or other Moderators, to be forged or dubious or bogus or mis-described, WILL be removed with no prior notice. Stampboards will only allow members to offer philatelic/numismatic related material here. Lawn-mowers, "genuine" Gucci handbags, Barbie Dolls, computer screens, and Acai Berry pills etc are not for THIS board!

18. Is there a MINIMUM value lot that may be listed here? Well YES. We never intended this venue to be somewhere folks could list a string of $1 or $2 thematic/topical sets etc. That would clog the Forum, and probably be of little interest to many members looking for collections or bulkier lots etc. $A10 (Roughly $US7) would seem to be the right type of price-point to have as a bare minimum please on stampboards. However, an initial offer at $A13 can be reduced to $A10 after 7 days if you wish, but not lower.

19. ONE offer of something identical per new thread please. If you have 3 x $10 Navigators used, list them up 3 separate times for $10 each, or all 3 at a bulk price. Also, now and again something is released that more than one member might offer. The Australia Post "Gold" Pope FDC's, or a recent PNC, or catalogues etc. In such cases, common sense dictates the first member to list it holds sway. Clearly 2 members both offering a Hagner sheet of used KGV heads is not affected by this rule, as both offers will by definition, be totally different to each other.

20. PAYMENT. If you are a newer member it is anticipated you will make full payment BEFORE any goods are shipped. Pure common sense. (And if you are a new member SELLER the opposite applies .. members will expect YOU to mail first!) By "Newer" we generally mean any member with less than 30 posts and/or 30 days membership. Well established members might get cut some slack in this regard, but the rules are the SELLER determines when goods are mailed, unless they are a new member seller. Payment in 99% of cases will be via paypal or bank transfer or cheque - email seller direct with questions re post cost of payment, do not clog up the Forum with posts on that.

Cash in the mail is NEVER wise for buying anything, anywhere, and paying thus, other than via Registered Post is entirely at your risk. Until seller gets your money, you still owe for the goods. (Or for a new member seller until buyer gets your goods, they do not pay.) Posting on a thread(s) that you will buy something, and then not completing that payment is a complete nuisance, and time waste to seller, to other members, and Admin. Do that, and you WILL be banned from this forum, (and from the board if the matter is serious) so do NOT do it please. We have 100% zero tolerance in this regard.

21. The rules for this Forum are pretty darn simple, and pure common sense. However, we do occasionally encounter members who cannot, or will not, abide by them, or want to work around them, and/or create their 'own' rules. This chews up a lot of Volunteer Moderator time and energy, and annoys all members. We have a simple solution to that - they will with no notice, be software blocked from posting further in this this forum, or indeed ever being able to even VIEW this forum. Their loss, not ours. So please READ the points above. :idea:

22. All members posting and buying are by doing so are deemed to have fully agreed to the above, and especially points 5 and 6.

Have fun! :D


Thank You

The Administrator, and the Volunteer Moderator Team.

REMEMBER ALWAYS - Posting to stampboards.com is a privilege, not a right.

(This thread is for the information of members and is "locked" to member posts.)
= = = = = = = =
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Re: **RULES** for this Sales Forum. Please *READ* them up fr

Post by Deatrick »

Good day

I was wondering on 2 points.

1. I have been selling for about 3 years on international websites, do i still have to send before receiving payment if i do sell here?

2. Can i mention my selling names under the various websites?

Many thanks

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Re: **RULES** for this Sales Forum. Please *READ* them up fr

Post by Global Administrator »

1. You have made just 36 posts in a month of membership, hence no one here knows you from Adam. :lol:

2. No. Clearly covered in rule 23 - http://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2556

From your posts I can see you have purchased nothing here, so have zero track record here for safe dealing. I also see 5 of your 36 posts were in the "Free stamps for newbies" thread, which tells me something -

Click HERE to see superb, RARE and unusual stamps, at FIXED low nett prices, high rez photos, and NO buyer fees etc!

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Re: **RULES** for this Sales Forum. Please *READ* them up fr

Post by Deatrick »

Thanks for the feedback.

The 5 posts in freebies was due to the fact that there is some confusion on the gifts still available, but i have given up on that, as the offerer, never got back to me.

Rule 23 is for signatures, but mentions a thread where you are allowed to advertise?

ebay/TradeMe/Delcampe etc member's account names or links to them etc may NOT be used in signatures, but there is one thread where your specific current lots can be freely highlighted to others if you choose!
Global Administrator wrote:1. You have made just 36 posts in a month of membership, hence no one here knows you from Adam. :lol:

2. No. Clearly covered in rule 23 - http://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2556

From your posts I can see you have purchased nothing here, so have zero track record here for safe dealing. I also see 5 of your 36 posts were in the "Free stamps for newbies" thread, which tells me something -

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Re: **RULES** for this Sales Forum. Please *READ* them up front!

Post by bbchris »

I've read the rules carefully and wanted to learn how to insert images as per the post, at the top of the post, it says this:

Very SIMPLE tutorial at base of this post of how to load those images HERE - http://tinyurl.com/ImagesSB

but when I click on that URL, it goes to a page that says "You are not authorised to read this forum."

I re-read the post and there is no other link listed to show how to load images.
So sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place about this, or should email the moderator.
I love your board, thank you!
I'm from Hong Kong!

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Re: **RULES** for this Sales Forum. Please *READ* them up front!

Post by MargoZ »

Hi Chris

Thanks for picking up on this
The correct link is https://www.stampboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=90770

Happy reading and posting!
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