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NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COLOUR!

Posted: 30 Oct 2018 13:48
by GlenStephens
BRAND NEW - Hugh Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” massive handbook in full COLOUR!

Superb NEW edition being printed now, and for the first time - in full colour!

Totally updating Hugh’s opus original 421 page work published by RPSV - 17 years back.

This new edition by Hugh Freeman, APR, updates the earlier edition published by The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Inc in 2001, with details of all new discoveries since, and totally updated rarity ratings.

The great achievement is Hugh's herculean effort to succeed in illustrating actual strikes of near every different numeral obliterator, resulting in over 98% of all numerals being illustrated in colour. The result is an indispensable reference for all collectors of this popular area.

Quality hardbound with Dust Jacket, this huge work weighs in at 492 pages in colour - a huge increases on the 420 pages of the inaugural Edition, showing just how many new illustrations have been added.

That original book was issued at $150 when the cost of a First Class stamp was just 45¢, (now $1.50) so today's $A195 retail is DARN good value. Unlike ALL others, I use SUPERB CTO franking protected under plastic, meaning your shipping is "Free" essentially. :mrgreen:
Victoria numeral cancels can fetch $2,000+
Many VERY common Victoria 1d stamps have cancels that sell for many $100s - indeed $1,000s. The "1432" Victoria numeral shown nearby was invoiced for over $2,000 at the Phoenix Auction late 2011. Another common 1d stamp with scarce cancel sold for $1,500 same sale.

Just ONE find like those, once in your lifetime, and you could buy an entire suitcase of these books! Value of either of those 2 stamps without those cancels - about 2¢ apiece! The sort of thing you might find in any junk lot, or kiddies album sitting un-noticed. IF you own this book.
Victoria Postmark Catalogue
This is a massive and very heavy hardbound book, weighing in at 492 large size A4 pages. It is without doubt in my mind THE most comprehensive and easy to follow book on any of the state's postmarks.

For any reader looking for an exciting new challenge, this is one to take up. These postmarks are found in 99% of cases on cheap letter rate stamps. They also are widely found on Australian Kangaroo and KGV stamps up until 1917, when the PO reprimanded Postmasters (again) for still using them, but they were in fact used right up until 1935.

Many common 1d stamps have cancels that sell for $100s. Victoria issued 2100 numeral postmarkers, between #1 (Melbourne) and #2100 (King Valley - issued November 1906). Of these 2100 numbers - despite an army of collectors scouring the earth over several generations - some 51 numbers have NEVER been sighted.

Many numbers of course exist in a myriad of styles, variants, designs and sub-types. All are clearly illustrated and rarity rated in this book. Even some from Melbourne #1 that most of us would regard as "common as muck" are rated "RRRR" as they are unusual designs or sub-types.

Hugh Freeman certainly has had a mass of material to sift through in his decades long search. I first met him 40 years back when he ran Status Stamp Auctions along with Barry Cooper. He had owned Auctions in Sydney well before that time as well. Hugh later went on to manage Stanley Gibbons Auctions in Australia for many years.

Despite handling probably many millions of stamps from Victoria, the fact several dozens of numbers still are unseen to Hugh Freeman and other specialists, offers a challenge to all readers of this article.

Hugh used to run large ads in overseas magazines advertising to buy the elusive numerals he still sought. I recall seeing his ads in Stanley Gibbons “Part 1” catalogues for this material.

This book illustrates around 2,000 actual cancels on stamps and covers in full colour - not drawings as some other state handbooks have used. Reproduction quality of illustrations is quite superb, and the detail and background to the listings is exhaustive. All cancels are rated in 8 specific rarity classes - or "non-rated" meaning they are reasonably to very common.

EVERY dealer in the world should own this book, and it goes without saying ALL collectors of Victoria need to have one too. Stumble across even one half decent cancel, just once in your lifetime, and it is more than paid for.

Buy direct from me at normal issue price, get superb franking, and best of all get your book FIRST - I get my stock before ANY other dealer. Bring printed now as I type this October 30 - Indeed the actual book is all completed, but printer had an issue with the quality of the outer dust jackets, and they are being re-done, and the books are in my hands this week by courier. This is only $US130 as I type this.

I have 2 cartons of pre-orders already - this has been a MUCH anticipated new work! "Knowledge Is Power" as I type rather often. :mrgreen:

$A195 plus Global Post

Call it - "Freeman Vic : Stock 274BN" - please order via new HTTPS encrypted SECURE site -
I still have couple of copies left of the NSW CD Roms shown below for $A40 of Hugh Freeman’s debut “NSW NUMERAL CANCELS” epic work. (Stock code 637KT)

High resolution CD Rom of the many 100s of NSW cancels pages catalogue, exactly as it appears in the 100s of pages printed version, with all colour photos etc. If you add one to an order for this new Victoria Numerals Book $190, I’ll do BOTH for $A220 saving you $A10! If you want BOTH for $A220 use Stock code 637BN.
And please do that NOW. Too many think “I’ll do that later” and then quickly “forget”. I then often lose the stamps in the rubble here, and waste an annoying hour finding them again. :twisted:
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As most know - I do NO fairs or shows, have NO shop, and do NOT bother with ebay or any other auctions. I buy endless bulk lots from Estates, and distress sales etc, in this massive city of 6 million, with no other real stamp buyers, and offer it here at *NETT* prices for fast turnover. NO "20%-25% Buyer Fees" and “3% credit card fees” to add to my *NETT* prices, as in auction!

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Re: NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COL

Posted: 31 Oct 2018 04:59
by AMark
I will take one, please.


Re: NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COL

Posted: 31 Oct 2018 06:57
by viikym
I will take up the offer of both Victoria and NSW Freeman Cancellations

Re: NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COL

Posted: 31 Oct 2018 06:59
by Global Administrator
Done - one to Canada, one to Murray Bridge. :)

Re: NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COL

Posted: 01 Nov 2018 08:47
by dwhopper
Another sold to Canada

Re: NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COL

Posted: 16 Nov 2018 22:25
by GlenStephens
Someone asked me WHAT that strange thing on the front cover was, seeing there were 2000 real cancels in here to choose from!

The quite bizarre front cover design is a sketch of the unrecorded “121” numeral of Omeo, on a 1d “Half Length” done by collector Max Melville.

Why on earth a rough imaginary drawing of a cancel no-one has ever seen was selected, instead of an existing rare cancel, is anyone’s guess!


Re: NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COL

Posted: 24 Dec 2018 00:57
by Global Administrator
For those still to secure this opus work - hint at the family - a superb gift!

I still have couple of copies left of the NSW CD Rom shown below for $A40 of Hugh Freeman’s debut “NSW NUMERAL CANCELLATIONS” epic work. (Stock code 637KT)

High resolution CD Rom of the many 100s of NSW cancels pages catalogue, exactly as it appears in the 100s of pages printed version, with all colour photos etc. If you add one to an order for this new Tasmania Numerals Book $195, I’ll do BOTH for $A225 saving you $A10! If you want BOTH for $A225 use Stock code 637BN.
Have stocks right here of all these superb titles below -- brilliant additions for any library. Buy yourself a USEFUL Festive Gift - or hint to the Family! :)

My lifetime Stamp Manta is "Knowledge Is Power", and I HEAVILY support Philatelic Publishers. Just one modest find using any of those books, will repay the cost right there, and a decent find, just ONCE in your life, will repay book price FIVE times over. A no-brainer really!

Shipping cost is often around the SAME in Australia for 1 or 3 or 4 or 5 books! LayBy/Layaway is of course always available on all my stock. ALL are in stock here and now - NO other dealer in the country has stock of all these.
Buy 4 or more titles at one time, and deduct another 10% from the entire order! :mrgreen:
The superb, huge Hugh Freeman "Barred Numeral Cancels Of Victoria"NEW 2018 Vol #2. $A195 (Stock code 274BN)

The Numeral Cancellations of New South Wales, 2nd Edition (2017), Hugh Freeman, APR - $A185 (Stock 782JQ)

John Barwis "Half Lengths Of Victoria" a MAGNIFICENT hard back book - discount Retail $A175 (Stock code 263TL)

"Plating Papua Lakatois" Book by Michael Ryan, 563 x A4 pages, RRP $110 - just $A60! - (Stock 432HA)

Stanley Gibbons new "2020 British Commonwealth Cat" - 750 pages hardbound - $A185 (Stock 483HQ)

New 2018 ACSC "Australia Postal Stationery" Catalogue - 484 huge pages colour (Stock 782DV)

The Arthur Gray "KGV Reign" Collection, Superb hard bound Catalogue + prices realised $A75 (Stock 368WF)

Superb full colour A4 Seven Seas Stamps "Australasian Stamp Catalogue" - 400 pages - ONLY copies left $A110 (Stock 792TQ)

Re: NEW Freeman “Numeral Cancellations Of Victoria” Full COL

Posted: 16 Jun 2019 22:49
by GlenStephens
More copies of this huge book arrived Friday .. an invaluable reference. :)