What does a stamp "retouch" mean, and how can I detect it?

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What does a stamp "retouch" mean, and how can I detect it?

Post by Lofty1702 »

Hi - very new to this but loving it - I've bought an ACSC KGV catalogue to differentiate the stamps I have.

The catalogue makes frequent reference to retouching eg "Retouch to letters of value and base" on 59(1).

Even looking at the images, I can't see what it means - sorry if this is a dumb or repeated question but it is stopping me from classifying my stamps.

Thanks Lofty~

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Re: What does "retouch" mean and how can I detect it?

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Please make your FIRST intro post in Roll Call thread - thanks.

Put simply a retouch is the printer touching up a plate which had some kind of damage.

Sometimes it is minor and sometimes easy to spot.

Here is a striking one I sold here.

2/- Kangaroo stamp *MUH* Corner pair with *THE* MAJOR ACSC Retouch. The Spectacular and huge ACSC 40[2]ka retouch. THE largest and most striking retouch EVER on any Australian stamp – yet almost NEVER offered.


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Re: What does a stamp "retouch" mean, and how can I detect it?

Post by PhilipAdams »

As Glen said, a retouch is a repair to the plate from which the stamps are printed.

The nature of any retouch will be different depending on the type of printing process: relief (used for the Kangaroo and map and most KGV sideface stamps), recess (used for most pre-decimal stamps after the Kangaroo and sideface issues) and photogravure (used for most stamps from the late QEII pre-decimal era).

Note that the terms "re-cut" and "retouch" are largely used as synonyms.

As to "how can I detect it", necessary is a good magnifying glass and a flaw-identifying specialist catalogue such as the ACSC.

Some further good examples from across the world have been posted here in threads such as:


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