penny kangaroo

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Stampboards one post *NEWBIE*!
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penny kangaroo

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I collect Federation Australia but especially penny kangaroos. I would like to exchange information with a serious Australian collector of this stamp. I don't have any articles. I do have the Adams, Bell and Pope book and Dormer Legge's monograph. I am as ignorant as a major collector of this issue can reasonably be, perhaps even more ignorant than that because I might have the largest collection and know very little.

I recently acquired an accumulation of penny reds, thousands of which are purportedly new to philately. One thing I hope to do with them is some work on "die states", by which I mean flaws which are common to entire plates. Have Australians written articles on this subject? I would like to know about them.

Also if anyone has a particular flaw they would like me to look for as I go through my new penny reds I will. One lot was picked over (and described so by the auctioneer) but has yielded seven BW varieties so far (including an HR58 which I would have thought hard to miss), as well as three inverted watermarks and dozens of Adams/Bell/Pope varieties. In three or four days I ought to be through the loose stuff and ready to open bundles, of which a couple of dozen look old. And then the unpicked stuff...

I'm completely ignorant about cancels but if there are some I should look for I will. I don't know about perfins either.

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Re: penny kangaroo

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Clearly you have not read a single rule here - :roll: :roll: :roll:

Try #10 and #11 for starters, re lazy meaningless lower case 2 word headings, and no images -

Thread locked, so you can introduce yourself in Roll Call as required, and then follow the other SIMPLE rules. :idea:

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