The **RULES** for this Forum. Please *READ** them!

Others might have what you need -- be specific .. you never know what is out there! But be CERTAIN you have turned "ON" your email access in your account settings, or no-one will be able to contact you. You NEVER know what members of this board have for sale. Do ASK for what you are looking for!

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The **RULES** for this Forum. Please *READ** them!

Post by ozstamps »

Many members asked for such a forum to BUY stamps you need - so here it is. :D
Some simple ground rules follow. Please *READ* them! Rule #2 re images ESPECIALLY - you cannot use in THIS Selling Forum. THEY do not allow it.

All members can however, readily add huge images here direct from their phone or laptop or tablet etc, thus avoiding all these photo hosting outfits listed below.

Very SIMPLE tutorial at base of this post of how to load images HERE from or the free - full outline on how to use them here -

These Rules are ADDITIONAL to the general 'Rules' that also apply to every post on this board - those are here -
The **RULES** for this Forum. Please *READ** them!

A few simple ground rules - read rule #1 re IMGUR images.

1. Any member of may post here. A new member with less than 30 posts and 30 days membership needs to read condition "B" below. We want all members to be able to deal with confidence here - so having a rough idea of the members, from their posts does help a lot. :D

So it is wise for other members to know a little about you. The fastest way to achieve that, is to add a welcome to others in the ROLL CALL thread we have specially for this purpose -

If you are new here, wander around the other forums, and let the members see a little more of you, and know who you are. Get a "feel" of how we do things here. We are friendly and helpful COMMUNITY.

It is a 2 way street here. Ask a few questions about stamps, add a few comments of your own to other member's questions. Remember - participating in these Forums is a privilege - not a right. :idea:

All items sought should have a clear PHOTO posted clearly showing exactly what you are seeking. You must use our on-board image hosting, or the free (or the far less desired - to do this, but do ** NOT ** use photos - or your listing will be deleted by Moderators. IMGUR do not want their images linked to anything being bought or sold - their clear and stern rules - not ours.

2. Stampboards is not the giver or receiver ... we are simply a neutral central venue to hopefully match up buyers and sellers or swappers. We are like the notice board at a shopping centre, selling old lawn mowers or baby strollers or old toasters. A conduit only. We make nothing from this - we offer this forum as a free service only for members looking for something specific and hard to track down. Buyer and seller to contact each other DIRECT. stampboards clearly offers no warranty on anything offered here.

3. In view of the above we are not offering ANY warranty of guarantee whatever, as we do not have clue about any goods you might be trading for. Ask the responder to you all the questions you want off line. If the thread starter is Harish Kumarandangan from Bangalore who wants a CTO 1932 5/- Harbour Bridge and is offering $500 for one, use common sense. If it sounds an offer too good to be true - it probably is! If we hear of any member ripping off others, that member will be suspended. :twisted:

4. This venue is for SPECIFIC requests only for things you are seeking from fellow members of stampboards. Moderators will remove any such posts that do not comply, with no notice. This forum is for SPECIFIC items you want.

5. To participate in this forum you **MUST** have your email address enabled via our software. Unless you have this done, no-one can contact you direct, and you will not receive advice replies to your ad.

6. Further to point 5 and even MORE important, you **MUST** tick this box when making your post here - Notify me when a reply is posted - otherwise you will not know when a question is being asked of you re the material etc.

7. Stampboards Members are often busy folks. Be SAVVY in your thread headings to save them time - and hopefully get YOU what you want. "Want Foreign Stamps" is near useless as a heading for instance. Add a scan (see Rule 1) of something looking like what you want if you have one, and your results will be FAR stronger. 8) A complete tutorial of how do do that quickly and easily is here -

8. Stampboards is not ebay. We never intended it to be a mass retail outlet, or an ebay storefront for ANYONE. It is ideally a way to seek some otherwise hard to find wanted items, in a friendly environment from trusted fellow members.

9. Postage is always paid by the recipient unless otherwise agreed. For smaller value transactions regular mail will probably be used unless you both agree otherwise. Over $50 you MUST pay for Registered to be used. Again this is where a degree of trust comes in, and WHY we ask you to post a few times, so others learn a little about you.

10. All members seeking goods, by doing so are deemed to have fully agreed to the above. If you do not agree, do not participate. :idea:

11. PAYMENT. We have near 20,000 members in more than 150 countries. More than likely what you seek will be owned by someone in another country. For ease of payment, by posting here you AGREE that you will pay by PayPal (ideally) or Skrill or Western Union transfer etc. Or less ideally, cash banknotes via Registered post at your expense, in the currency of seller to value of sum agreed on. Or bank transfer where YOU pay all the seller's bank fees, which are often $20 flat or so. If you are unwilling or unable to comply, do NOT post here, or you are wasting others members, and Admin time.

In Short -

A. The item(s) must be fully pre-paid by PayPal or Western Union or bank transfer or cash via Registered Post etc, before it is mailed, and you are to post on the thread that a deal has been reached, so others members here need not contact you.

B. A new member with less than 30 posts and 30 days membership, agrees to pay for REGISTERED post on the deal, if the material has a paid value of $A50 or more.

C. This forum is a free venue and a much needed service, for those with legitimate and difficult stamp wants. It is NOT a venue for anyone seeking free stamps or handouts etc. Any posts stating: "I want your spare stamps etc" will be locked and removed. As will be your account!

Have fun! :D



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