Australia Post box for sale

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Australia Post box for sale

Post by Tassie666 »

Hi all, I have a cast iron Australia Post mailbox for sale.
It has a serial number on it.
It is intact, and in good condition, but has a (retro fitted) bar style lock that is detached from the main body (photos available if interested)
Will negotiate on price once value is ascertained.

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Re: Australia Post box for sale

Post by RevRed+ »


Welcome Tassie666 to Stampboards.

Two things wrong with your post though!

Every post must have an image is number one.

And, number two, your first post was to be here: We are a Giant Stamp Club in cyberspace! You *MUST* make your first "Welcome" post here please - - no exceptions.

See Test and post your images direct onto June 2020 NEW Stampboards at

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Thank you.

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Re: Australia Post box for sale

Post by Global Administrator »

Rule 3 he broke was that new members may not offer anything for sale.

Thread locked - our newbie has a lot of reading to do above. :roll:



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