Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors' Club (EFOCC)

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Errors, Freaks and Oddities Collectors' Club (EFOCC)

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We have a quarterly publication, The EFO Collector, that contains articles about EFOs as well as an auction. We also offer an electronic membership, where you can download the issues of The EFO Collector as PDFs and it is more economical if you live outside of the USA.

The auction is interesting, because there is a lot of lower priced but good quality EFO material. These are not sufficiently pricey to be featured in auctions, and dealers usually do not feature them, unless you ask them specifically about EFO material. So, they are mostly invisible. However, the auction features mostly US EFOs. You can see the material offered on our website (

The website contains a lot of EFO information freely available. Only recent issues of The EFO Collector (the last seven years, to be precise) are reserved for members only. When you become member, you get access to all the past issues that have been posted.

Please email me if you would like to receive a link for downloading a sample issue of The EFO Collector

Cemil Betanov
Editor, The EFO Collector, Member EFOCC, APS, UPSS, PSS, ATA
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