WTB - Bockisch Catalogue of German Postcards/Viewcards to 1945

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WTB - Bockisch Catalogue of German Postcards/Viewcards to 1945

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I'm looking for a specific, hard-to-find catalogue of German viewcards/postcards for the German Empire/Weimar Republic/Third Reich era, depicted below. The full German title of the catalogue is Handbuch und Katalog: Die Bildpostkarten des Deutschen Reiches, and covers both Germany to 1945 (Danzig included) and the occupation of Bohemia and Moravia. The author, Dr. Michael Bockisch, has published a number of viewcard catalogues for Europe, and I have been able to secure the others that I need.

I've tried to contact the author on his website to no avail and have been unable to source a copy on the secondary market that will ship to the United States, so I am hoping a Stampboards member has a copy they would be willing to part with! If you can help, please contact me via the board email system. Thank you!
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