Yugoslavia 1918-1991 Specialized catalog:

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Yugoslavia 1918-1991 Specialized catalog:

Post by milco »

Just landed on my desk, 2024 edition, Specialized Catalog for Yugoslavia 1918-1991 (end of country).

540 pages, Slovenia-English language, color, prices in Euro currency.

Full explanation how to use, symbols, paper types and what I like, there we have good "Terminology" explanation, short and easy to understand.
Listing varieties, errors, probably too much, but as it is SPECIALIZED catalog, than it is fine, probably will be confusing for people that don't specialized this territory, but for people that really collect and specialize in it, this book will be highly recommended.

When I compared prices in this catalog, against prices in other major stamp catalogs (Michel, Scott), or web sales, local catalogs (Slovenka, S'afar), I can say that prices here are very realistic and near real market prices, mean, You can (seller) ask, or pay (buyer) full catalog prices stated in this catalog.

Yes, "deal" depend on agreement between seller and buyer, it is fact, but catalog list this prices in very near or better say, correct market price.

Book have (on back cover page) stated price of 28.00 euro per copy, but take in account, that it is heavy, and even under "printed matter" postage cost will be almost same as catalog price, in some countries even more.

What I like in catalog, is that they give picture and explanation on every known type of each issues, as Type I or Type II, when reprint exist, engraver mark are shown and explained position of each, and so on.

Thanks to Andrej Verbic" for this good work that resulted in really helpful book for people that love Philately and INVEST in collection of Yugoslavia postage stamps!

Experience in Yugoslavia and ex-Yu countries over 25 yr.
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