AP Deluxe Numbered 2000 Olympics "GOLDEN HEROES" Album

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I was online for Post Number 4 MILLION!
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AP Deluxe Numbered 2000 Olympics "GOLDEN HEROES" Album

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Australia Post Deluxe Numbered 2000 Olympics stamp Book "GOLDEN HEROES" Album
AP Deluxe Numbered 2000 Olympics "GOLDEN HEROES" Stamp Album

2000 Aust Post Golden Heroes numbered book.

Pristine condition

Retail price elsewhere $500 -


This item was a very limited edition Australia Post production, issued early in 2001 to celebrate Gold Medal winners at the 2000 Olympics and Paralympics held in Sydney. Sold via ballot only, you had to write in to AP to receive one, and even then many people missed out.

Limited edition, Sold only by ballot - Only 1,300 Available to the public and each individually numbered. EIGHTEEN years on, in excellent condition and comes with matching slipcase as issued.

The exact same album presentation as the 4 x late 1990s Australia Post “Engraved Stamps” books which contain official Die Proofs, with Brass corners - all of which I have in stock at around this price each - details on those here -



16 x Gold Medal Winners Sheetlets at $4.50
1 x Opening Ceremony Sheetlet at $4.50
1 x Paralympian of the Year Sheetlet $4.50 and
7 x Blocks 4 Stamps with Tabs "Paralympian Awards"

From the Australia Post Stamp Bulletin #258 January/February 2001:

Golden Heroes 2000 is the ultimate philatelic celebration of the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Written by Harry Gordon, official historian for the Australian Olympic Committee, the 56 page book features a two page introduction followed by a two page spread on each Gold Medallists stamp sheetlet, the Paralympian of the Year sheetlet, and the SES sheetlets issued for Best Paralympic Male Female, Junior Male, Junior Female, Team and Coach, and Merit Award winners.

Mr Gordon brings an unsurpassed depth of knowledge and insight to the material. His text is complemented by a stunning photo of the athlete or athletes. The corresponding Gold Medallists (or Paralympian of the Year Sheetlet) completes the spread.

For the subsidiary Paralympian awards (for which Australia Post issued SES sheets of twenty x 45c) the book includes a block of two stamps, each with tab, along with a reduced size image of the full sheet.

This book is destined to be treasured not only today, but for generations to come.

This Limited Edition* is priced at $245.00. Purchase is by ballot (enclosed) and limited to one per customer.

Results of all applications will be notified by mail.

Orders for Golden Heroes 2000 must be sent on the Ballot (enclosed) and paid for separately from any other mail order products.

Total production - 2000 copies

• 500 with digital stamps (allocated for corporate presentations only)
• 1500 with offset stamps (200 allocated for corporate presentations)

The balance of 1300 will be available for purchase via ballot.


$A325 plus global post

Call it "Golden Heroes – STOCK 928GD" - please order via SECURE site: -


And please do that NOW. Too many think “I’ll do that later” and then quickly “forget”. I then lose the stamps in the rubble here, and waste an annoying hour finding them again. :twisted:

For overseas members, to find out the approx cost in YOUR currency, click here - https://www.xe.com

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - don't like it - mail it back within 48 hours of receiving it. No-one ever has yet. :)

And "lay-by/layaway" is always possible - email me with any queries to glen [at] glenstephens.com - OR "trade-ins" always possible! If you have a pile of surplus stuff, I may well be happy to offset that against this item - see


As most know - I do NO fairs or shows, have NO shop, and do NOT bother with ebay or any other auctions. I buy endless bulk lots from Estates, and distress sales etc, in this massive city of 6 million with no other real stamp buyers, and offer it here at NETT prices for fast turnover. NO "20%-25% Buyer Fees" to add to my prices, as in auction!

Many similar mouth-watering NETT price offers are being loaded weekly onto -

https://www.glenstephens.com/rarity.html and https://www.glenstephens.com/specials.html

All stampboards lots $A200 and under are always mailed Unregistered and untracked, unless you specifically note otherwise on order form. 1000s of my transactions here for 8 years have been safe by normal post. :idea:

If Registered (PO cover is to $A100 only sadly) is required, clearly STATE that on order form - cost is extra $A4 local, and minimum $A15 extra foreign. Only YOU know if your street address is secure - a large packet covered in pretty stamps left outside, just might tempt passers-by? Only YOU know that, I do not. Mail contractors these days are often lazy and leave packets on top of mailboxes etc in view of public, and out in wet weather etc. PO Boxes are far safer. :idea:

"All Risk" Insurance is always possible if required as well, at $A2 per $100 covered - again it must be specified on order form. It is like Travel Insurance – decline that when booking your ticket, and THEN tell Qantas you really meant to take it 3 weeks back, and you now need to cancel your ticket for no penalty, and see how you go with THAT one! :lol: :lol:

As per stampboard convention - this lot is offered exclusively first to board members - and on no other sales venue.

For members who make a BANK TRANSFER payment you WILL generally get your goods faster, as it saves me some hassle - but you MUST email me the confirmation number etc - many "forget"! :)
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Re: AP Deluxe Numbered 2000 Olympics "GOLDEN HEROES" Album

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Reduced to just $A295 for the Olympic year!

An INCREDIBLY scarce official PO slipcased album.

PO Cost price 21 years back, was $A245 and it sold out in hours. :!:


Click HERE to see superb RARE & unusual stamps - FIXED low nett prices, high rez pix + NO 20% buyer fees!
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