Who are the Moderators of this Bulletin Board?

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Who are the Moderators of this Bulletin Board?

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This little board went "live" on April 1, 2007.

Something originated by me, starting on April Fool's Day seemed rather appropriate many thought. :lol:

Members joined rapidly, and soon our very tiny board became quite a busy medium sized board. We racked up several 1000 posts - even before the end of our first month of existence. And around 15,000 posts by the end of month 2. And well over 30,000 posts and 750 members by end of month 3 etc. :!:

It was fun to see it all grow so fast, and those who joined up in April 2007 are Charter Members of stampboards.com, and one day soon when there are 10,000s of members, we will look back and smile at the "early days". 8)

By early 2014 we had around 12,000 members, from 135 countries, who made about 3.75 million posts, on over 50,000+ different topics, and we get several MILLION visitor hits a month.

As the board grew, we attracted our share of spammers who also discovered it. Not many - just a few a day who posted threads linking to their Viagra specials, and very graphic Porno sites, 100 cell phone 'special deals' etc.

stampboards.com aims to be something your Granny, or your 8 year old could happily read. Indeed we had an 8 year "Maggie" join us and someone even joined up their new born!

A couple of our "Jokes" threads are just a tad racy at times, but they are flagged right up front as being so.

Everything else is pretty much stamp related, and we do not want anything here on stamps that is not "PG" rated. :)

Volunteer Moderators on this board can remove those spammer posts forever with a simple mouse click, and we can ban their (or anyone's!) computer IP addresses from ever posting here again - or even seeing the board.

Also with a simple mouse click. And they can software block any registered member from posting anything here - from anywhere.

The Mods spend HOURS a day quietly behind the scenes blocking spammers from Registering or posting. Members never see it - we have it down to a fine art.

If you see such a post, please click on the little red "report post" icon at lower right of that post ---> Image <--- and add your reason for reporting it, and it will be looked at in quick time. 8)

About 25 regular and prolific posters have volunteered their time to keep this distracting material outside the view of members, and offer to play "traffic cop" where needed - and we all owe them a huge vote of thanks for that vigilant service. About HALF of them are original members from our first month of so of founding in early 2007.

Forum Moderators are shown in the blue link as "Volunteer Moderator Team" for each thread at top left, that you can click to see who they are -


That gives us dozens of sets of eyes from all over Australasia - and in Asia, Europe and North America. :wink:

They are all regular visitors to the board, and NOTHING gets posted here that one of us does not read within minutes of it being typed. 8)

Other than that they are regular members like everyone else, and are just assisting to keep things neat and tidy for all other members.

I certainly appreciate their generous offer of some extra sets of eyes across different time zones, and many extra sets of 'delete spam' button fingers!

They are all sensible folks, carefully chosen for the job, and will only act if the situation warrants intervention.

They can edit ANY post by ANY member in their forums. So if you double post something, or mess something up with an image, please contact any of them to see if they might assist.

Again - it keeps the board nice and neat for everyone's benefit. (And remember the "PREVIEW POST" button is your friend, and solves most newbie issues before they become issues!)

I do so appreciate the time all members seem to be taking with clean and professional presentation of their posts. My pet peeve is Bulletin Boards mainly populated by folks who do not use spell check, do not use capital letters anywhere, and have seemingly never heard of a PARAGRAPH. :twisted:

This board is NOT a disposable instant messaging shorthand portal. What you type here will be here for years, hopefully decades as a searchable resource, so we ask it be typed in normal proper English - no text-speak.

ALL Moderators are all empowered to immediately edit and move out of sight ANYTHING, in any post, from ANYONE in ANY forum, that in their view is inappropriate, or over the top.

In practice this seldom occurs, as we have a great bunch of members here, but I'll back their judgement should it ever be an issue. Most times I am sure it will be subject to a polite informal discussion or request first by email, but if it is really egregious it will vanish with no trace.

We have a private Moderator board, and transgressing threads and posters may be discussed there out of sight. And you WILL hear more about it - so do not cross any lines please.

We DO have a detailed set of "The Rules" here, and that outlines penalties for transgressing them, and all members are advised to have a close read now and again! -


Thanks to all, for making this board Number ONE globally!

Glen Stephens

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