Explaining the ranking and Colour *STARS* used on this board

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Explaining the ranking and Colour *STARS* used on this board

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You may have noticed a 'ranking' under your username and avatar on the left of the screen when you post. Each new rank you reach gets you a new Star level or "Bauble". 8)

This is all automated by the software, and relates to the number of posts you have made on Stampboards although there are some special status ranks e.g. "I was online for Stampboards 10th birthday"

Here is an explanation of the regular rankings:

And here as of August 24, 2018 is the NEW Bauble Table --- GUTTERS is the King Poster Of All Time, with the Royal Crown, and then we have Mr. Samoa hitting a MILLION today -
There is also a thread where members congratulate each other on their new "Bauble" milestones:

Stampboard member posting milestones
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Re: Explaining the ranking and Colour *STARS* used on this b

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A "bump" for this to add the newest Bauble Tables!

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