My Stamps Catalogues LIBRARY - add yours to this list!

There are some superb and incredibly useful reference books, and catalogues out there. And tools to measure perforations or paper thickness or LED magnifiers etc Please add your new discoveries - and recommendations to this forum. As in all forums, you can post photos of your favourites and recommendations.

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Re: My Stamps Catalogues LIBRARY - add yours to this list!

Post by Zenfizz »

These are the main things of use i have accumulated :

2012 Classic Specialized
2011 Volume 1 A-B
2007 Volume 2 C-F
2011 Volume 3 G-I
2014 Volume 4 J-M
2012 Volume 5 N-Sam
2014 Volume 6 San-Z
2011 US Specialized
1966 US Specialized
1948 US Specialized
2002 US First Day Cover Catalogue and Checklist
2018 Volume 3A G
1983 Specialized Canada

Stanley Gibbons
British Commonwealth Part I 1994
British Commonwealth Part II 1994
Great Britian Specialized 1 Queen Victoria 5th Ed
Great Britain Specialized 2 King Edward VII to King George VI 2nd Ed
Great Britain Specialized 3 Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal 5th Ed
Great Britain Specialized 4 Queen Elizabeth II Decimal 1st Ed
Part 7 Germany 7th Ed 2005
Part 20 South America 1980 Ed
Arabia 2016 1st Ed

1988 Deutschland
1978/79 Osterreich-Spezial
1991/92 Deutschland
2009 Germany Specialized Part 2
1974 Deutschland Spezial
1987 Deutschland Ganzsachen

Yvert and Tellier
Timbres de France Le Specialiste Volume 1 1849-1900

Centennial Definitive Series (Canada) 1967-73
2013 Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
American Airmail Catalogue Volume 6 Airmails of Canada and Newfoundland
Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue 2nd Ed 1992
Precancel Stamp Society's Catalog of Classic Precancels Part I 2011 1st Ed
2015 Brookman
2002 Brookman
1894 Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News (bound year set)

Fundamentals of Philately
Distinguishing Characteristics of Classic Stamps 14 : Old German States
Encyclopedia of US Stamps and Stamp Collecting
Postage Stamps and Postal History of Newfoundland
Postage Stamps and Postal History of Canada
Postmarks on Postcards
Airmail Stamps: Fakes and Forgeries
Billlig's Philatelic Handbooks Volumes I, II, IV & V
How to Detect Damaged Altered and Repaired Stamps
International Encyclopedic Dictionary of Philately
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Re: My Stamps Catalogues LIBRARY - add yours to this list!

Post by PKW »

Here is my new catalogue which arrived today and I'm looking forward to inspecting later.
Below is my current library (doing my bit to keep SG going). I also have the DEEGAM handbook (digital only).
Screenshot 2022-05-19 140516.png

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