A Visual Guide to the World's Philatelic Treasures in member hands.

Whether we own them or not we all love LOOKING at philatelic Gems and goodies. Add your favourites today. Add your comments WHY this stamp or cover or item is superb or unusual. Or lift them from an auction site to share with other members, if that does not breach their copyright notice.

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A Visual Guide to the World's Philatelic Treasures in member hands.

Post by Allanswood »

Many of our Members have collections that contain some highly valued treasures that would take pride of place in any collection or museum.

Other stamps and covers will never be owned, let alone often seen, so I thought a thread on World Philatelic Treasures to showcase these rarities would be good "eye candy" all in the one place.

For example Richard Debney owns this stunning block of 4 of the Cape of Good Hope 1d Red Woodblocks, one of my favourite collecting areas, and it's such a joy to own Stevensons book (approx. 65 years ago) which illustrates this example, and then be able to view this image.

From capetriangle

"A favorite page, possibly one with the best stamps on it. "

Cape of Good Hope 1d Red Woodblock 1864 Block of 4

If you have one to show, please post or don't say it yours if you prefer the privacy. But anyone who posts please post a large clear quality scan.

I have many stored images to post, but I don't own the stamps or covers.

Please don't post something as a joke, I'll ask for it to be deleted. Maybe someone can start a thread on the world's worst stamps? :lol:

Sometimes... you just need to drool! :mrgreen: :D
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Re: A Visual Guide to the World's Philatelic Treasures.

Post by PetCin88 »

I don’t have anything good enough to share (I have nice old and rare Maldives stamps but they aren’t museum quality)

Hopefully someone replies one day here showing a treasure
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Re: A Visual Guide to the World's Philatelic Treasures.

Post by Global Administrator »

Have this rather cool piece in stock right now. 8-)


Superb centred totally fresh **MUH** £2 Kangaroo imprint block 4 ex Arthur Gray: Where it was invoiced for $A60,375 plus 10% inward GST - 15 years back - and when the ACSC was near HALF today's rate! (My asking price is amazingly, under that Gray figure.) Later sold at Julian Sterling for $55,000 in 2014. Believed the only *MUH* block extant in private hands. HINGED blocks have sold for around this price. A less well centred block, THREE units hinged sold for $41,735 at Status, Feb 2017! ACSC 58z - Cat $75,000 for HINGED - noting only 5 blocks are in private hands.

Has 'Open Mouth Kangaroo' variety on R55. Amazing centering for ANY imprint block, as LH units mostly poor centred. "Ex Gray" is the ultimate Provenance for any Kangaroo key piece when selling. Due to my fortunate purchase you are paying much LESS for it than it cost at Gray, 15 years back, when ACSC cat was $35,000 LESS! The ULTIMATE piece to place in the ''Bottom Drawer'', in this near Zero interest rate climate. (Stock 624JK )
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