Australia KGVI stamps USAGE collection : an ongoing Tutorial

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I was online for our Birthday Number 5!
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Re: My Australia KGVI Stamps Usage Collection: A Tutorial

Post by agondocz »


An example of the green 1½d KGVI paying the 1d for 2oz. commercial rate and ½d for the war tax:

The letter sheet was franked with a punctured "G / NSW" 1½d KGVI and was mailed Sydney to North Sydney. It was postmarked on 13 May 1942.

Pity about the stray pen mark.

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Re: My Australia KGVI Stamps Usage Collection: A Tutorial

Post by amfhf1 »

Oversize registered air mail envelope cancelled 24 June 1949 Aust postal unit cancels but pretty blurry cancels.

64 Shillings in total postage

Seller had three similar wanted all three settled for one.
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Re: My Australia KGVI Stamps Usage Collection: A Tutorial

Post by Lakatoi 4 »

Now that is a big mob of Roo’s 8-)
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Re: My Australia KGVI Stamps Usage Collection: A Tutorial

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Added this interesting KGVI era piece to stock today - Anyone care to take a guess as to what this 18/10/½d rate paid?


Australia 5/- + 10/- Robes stamps, on large parcel fragment to QLD $A115: RARE piece .. both the 5/- and 10/- Robes, on a large parcel fragment along with pair of the 1/6d Hermes. From Sydney in 1945 to Mrs W. R. Bradley to Hotel Coolangatta in Queensland. PO Clerk has pencilled the full rate of 18/10/½d at top for this parcel. This was several days wages back then. The 10/- Robes is cat $350 on its own – plus all the others! Bought very well in an Estate to sell fast - so out it goes at LESS than the current Australia Post Annual Stamp Album costs to buy at PO - quite insane. What will THAT be worth in 10 year’s time??!! $A115 (Stock 516JE)
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WWII Australian Red Cross Society Cover to Geneva Switerland

Post by earlierthebetter »

This cover is via the Australian Red Cross Society (ARCS) Message Service.

The sender is -
Red Cross Bureau for Wounded, Missing and Prisoners of War,
34 Martin Place, Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia.

Sent to -
The Secretary,
Agence Centrale,
Comite Internationale de la Croix Rouge,
Palais du Conseil General,
Geneva, Switzerland.

It was passed by Censor 118.

The postage was paid with a 5/- Robes, two 1/- Superb Lyrebirds & 2 2½d King George VI.

The cancels are difficult to read.
IMG_20220815_0001 (2).jpg
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