New Book: '1933 Mass Flight of Italo Balbo' by Francesco Giaccardi

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New Book: '1933 Mass Flight of Italo Balbo' by Francesco Giaccardi

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Dear friends,

I kindly want to present this new volume published in Italy by Mr. Francesco Giaccardi and called: “Aerophilately, Atlantic Cruises – Reflections and Tables“.

In this volume the Story of the 1933 Mass Flight of Italo Balbo (The North Atlantic Flight Cruise of 1933) is described by the author, approached from a different point of view.

The author rearranges the information on what happened behind the scenes such as the economic aspects of the issue of expensive stamps born from the attempt to make the huge expenses of the two companies repay by the collectors.

Alongside this he offers us other interesting considerations always linked to objective data, such as those proposed on the abundance or scarcity of envelopes sent from a specific city which are worth careful consideration by the reader.

Gratitude remains to those who wanted to tell us about beautiful stamps, often key values for the completion of the philatelic collection of the Kingdom of Italy, even if born with mere speculative intentions and equally attractive envelopes but not infrequently created ad hoc by the same protagonists of the flight or by enterprising traders.

The volume consists of 162 pages in A/4 format, with more than 100 color photos of aerogrammes and envelopes and about thirty explanatory tables on the details of the same known up to now, described both by type and by construction, with interesting considerations on the various shipments from the stopover cities of the Cruises

The new edition is already on sale, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Decennial Cruise next year and can be purchased directly from the same author Mr. Francesco Giaccardi at email [email protected]

Attached is a brief introduction to the volume itself.


Franco Peli, Italy

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