2023 Kiwi Catalogue & Handbook of New Zealand Revenue and Railway Stamps

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2023 Kiwi Catalogue & Handbook of New Zealand Revenue and Railway Stamps

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The 8th edition of the popular Kiwi Catalogue and Handbook of New Zealand Revenue and Railway Stamps is now available from the publisher, Mowbray Collectables.

Since the previous edition an additional 4 pages has been included. There are now 14 different easy to read appendices relating mostly to revenue stamps (but also to railway stamps) and these help readers gain a better understanding of the scarcity, and value, of revenue stamps that had low printing figures, etc.

Also, some significant price increases since the previous edition have been taken into consideration when repricing, and there are a number of new entries since the previous edition once such stamps were located and identified.

Price - postpaid within NZ - NZ $35.00 overseas clients pleas ask for postage costs.

Mowbray Collectables
Private Bag 63 000 Wellington
New Zealand 6140

phone + 64 6 3648270 or email: retail[at]mowbrays.nz
David Smitham
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