WANTED 1953 New Zealand Coronation Air Letter with 'Type 1' postmark

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WANTED 1953 New Zealand Coronation Air Letter with 'Type 1' postmark

Post by AlanLogue »

Just when I thought I had all the Air Letters in the 1953 Coronation series, I think I am looking for another one!

I already have the Air Letter from New Zealand to the UK, but I now know there are 2 different Wellington postmarks, and I am looking for the Air Letter with the Type 1 postmark.

I don't even know if this postmark exists on this Air Letter, but I am putting it out there for anyone who may have one, or know where there is one.

Just a photo of one would help me to know that it actually exists, or was the Type 11 postmarker the only 1 used.
nz to uk type 2.jpg
1318a nz to uk type 1 POSTMARK.jpg
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